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Planeswalkers - Nine Titans - Gods

A list of planeswalker, information tibits included.

Altair of Coloni
A planeswalker from Dominiara. Member of the council of mages that gathered in Minorad. He was locked to Corondor by Ravidel, until he was freed by the nightmare Caliphear centuries later. He died by the hands of Ravidel while he aided Kristina and Jared destroy the Golgothian Sylex.

The Ancients
A group of planeswalkers the fought the Tolgath on Ulgrotha.

A planeswalker that tricked 5 mages into casting the Spell of Dominion. The mages thought this would give them control over Shandalar, but in truth, this would allow Arzakon to enter the veil around Shandalar. He was thwarted by a young mage.

Ash Warlord Embereck
A native of Dominiara, orriginaly form Hammerheim. He fought Ravidel over the resurfaced Golgothian Sylex shortly after the ice age. Later he joined the council of Minorad. He left this council after they surrendered to Ravidel.

Azar, the Second Gaurdian of Shandalar
A planeswalker from Shandalar. He was an apprentice of Kenan Shamal, and fought Lim-Dûl after Shamal had defeated Szat and Leshrac. Lim-Dûl managed to take control of his opponents’ body and used it to start a war on Shandalar. He was eventually defeated and imprisoned in an artefact that was used to power the veil of Shandalar.

Bo Levar
A smuggler that ascended in the sylex blast on Argoth. His name before he ascended was Crucias. He was recruited by Urza as one of the 9 titans and placed one of the soul bombs on Phyrexia. After their return to Dominiara he discovered that Comodore Gruff already knew how the invasion would end and convinced him to change destiny. Levar died protecting a small colony from Yawgmoths death cloud.

Commodore Guff
A very old planeswalker that lived in a plane constructed as an endless library. The books in this library hold the destiny of the multiverse. He joined Urza on his quest against Phyrexia as one of the 9 titans, even though he knew Phyrexia would win. Bo Levar discovered Gruff had this knowledge, and convinced him to change it. Gruff apparently erased the good bits, since Phyrexia lost the invasion, but erased himself from history in the process.

Dakkon Blackblade
Dakkon created a the most powerfull sword ever forged for the planeswalker Geyadrone Dihada. In exchange for this Blackblade, she triggered his planeswalkers spark.

Immideatly after that she stabbed the sword in Dakkons shadow and absorbed it.

Many years later, Dihada was waging war on Corondor. She tricked a young boy from the fallen empire Carth into summoning Dakkon. The boy used the amulet of Ti-Fu to bind himself to Dakkon. Dihada attacked the to, and in the battle Dakkon defeated Sol’Kanar, Piru and Rhuell. Dihada tricked Dakkon into believing she was defeated, so he would come close enough for her to place her mark on him.

After Dihada left, he and the boy travelled to Terisiare, where the boy started the Carthalion legacy, named after Dakkons nickname for the boy ‘Carth the Lion’. After the boy died, Dakkon probably served as Dihada’s main warrior for at least until the Planeswalkers war on Corondor.

Daria ascended as a young girl on Ulgrotha, and was adopted by Taysir. Both of them attended at the planeswalkers war, and survived, for the later joined the 9 titans of Urza. Daria was killed in Phyrexia when Tevesh Szat betrayed the titans.

Drabk the Sharak of Okbra
Drabk lives alone sometimes near the shrine and sometimes he is seen in the city of Okbra. He has the knowledge of the beyond and the knowledge beyond thought. He is known to have worked miraces. He knows the past and the future.

The planeswalker that showed Yawgmoth Phyrexia for the first time. She later turned against Yawgmoth and transported the Thran elders and their Kyren slaves to Mercadia, for which Yawgmoth killed her by sticking a powerstone dagger in her skull.

The Guardian of the White Woods. The adopted son of the wizard that corrupted the angel Trine. He summoned the Serra Angel Rahel to fight Trine and free northern Corondor, but was blinded on the process. Rahel helped him ascend.
Many years later, as Gaurdian of the White Woods, he was Mangara’s mentor.

A planeswalker the recruited the dragon Rhuell after it left Geyadrone Dihada’s forces. Faralyn took Ravidel as his spellsquire, since Ravidels parents couldn’t handle his magical powers.

The 3 where trapped in the Shard of the 12 worlds. Faralyn joined Freyalise in her study of the Shard, but thought of a different plan the Freyalises. He organized the Summit of the Null Moon, hoping that the discord among the planeswalkers gathered there would flare and one of them would be killed. Instead of planeswalkers, Rhuell and Ravidel died, which provided enough energy for Faralyn to escape the Shard to Shandalar.

Faralyns freedom did not last long, as he was the first to fall against Sharmals forces.

Insane, even by planeswalker-standards. She constructed the City of Brass on her home planet Rabiah, before the refraction. The city, inhabited by Efreet and Fatimas’ Brass Men, provide all colors of many for a price, and is still some sort of holy grail for planeswalkers.

A planeswalker that thought using summoned beings was immoral. He journeyed to Ulgrotha, where a befriended the minotaur Sandruu, which he helped ascend, and Serra, whom he eventually married. Feroz and Serra helped the Ulgrothan people defend themselves against Baron Sengir, and after Sandruu’s battle with Taysir, they created Ferozs’ Ban, to hold other planeswalkers out of Ulgrotha. Feroz died in a lab accident while studying a fire elemental.

A dwarven planeswalker, revered as a god by Dominiara’s dwarves. He was summoned by Karona as the red deity.

Once a half-elven fire mage from Strogard, She was manipulated by Tevesh Szat into fighting her childhood friend Jason Carthalion. With Szats help, Jason killed her. Jason felt enormous guild over this, since he didn’t know Freyalise had ascended.

After her ascension, she nearly went insane, but was helped overcome this by Jodah, the Archmage Eternal of Lat-Nam. After this, she helped elves in Fyndhorn and Llanowar survive the ice age.

She studied the Shard in search of a way to free the worlds within, and hoped to find the answers during Faralyns Summit of the Null Moon. She was tricked however, since Faralyn wanted to use the energy of a planeswalker to escape the Shard. She fought Szat on Azoria and was left for dead.

After this, she and Kristina of the Woods used Kaysa, Jodahs mirror and the Icy Cauldron to cast the world spell to end the ice age. She also armed and instructed Jahuel Carthalion on his quest to expel Szat from Dominiara.

After she completed the world spell, she installed the enchantment on Jodah’s Mirror that would cause Jaya Ballards ascension twenty years later.

Freyalise left Dominara, but returned to defend it against the phyrexian invasion as one of the 9 titans. With Lord Windgrace, she was the only survivor of that group. After the invasion she erected the Martyrs Tomb.

Garth One-Eye
A wizard with the spark. His fathers house was destroyed by the vizier of Estark, Kuthuman, on his quest to become a planeswalker. After a youth in exile, he returned to Estark and manipulated all the houses and the new vizier so he could win the tournament and meet Kuthuman. He ascended and defeated Kuthuman. He gave up his spark to live with the Benalish woman he met during his adventure.

Later he had to break his pledge to never use magic again when he met Greensleeves.

Geyadrone Dihada
A ancient planeswalker that instructed Dakkon to forges the Blackblade, triggered his spark and stole his shadow.

Many years later, she tricked a boy from the kingdom Carth into summoning Dakkon and binding them together, so she could mark Dakkon as her champion.
She attended at the planeswalkers war of Corodor.

Grenrell Mor of Golthmor
One of the sages of Minorad. He was banished to the sand sea’s of Golthonor by Ravidel, where he worked on the Rust spell to destroy the Golgothian Sylex. He was the father of Gwendolynn Mor, and thus the grandfather of Jared Carthalion.

Ascended during the shattred chains trilogy, but gave up the powers.

Jared Carthalion
Jareds father, Adam Carthalion, wanted to save Dominiara from a terrible danger that had been foretold. Ravidel talked him into a quest to become a planeswalker. Adam even sacrificed his wife to Ravidel to achieve this, not knowing that Ravidel was the danger he wanted to destroy.

When Ravidel asked Adam to sacrifice his son Jared, he refused and battled the planeswalker. Jared was hit by a siphon soul in this battle, and his aperance was altered so that nobody recognized him as the rightful heir of the Carthalion Throne.

Jared grew up on the streets of Arathoxia, brought up by his fathers spellsquire Ezer. Sixteen years later Ravidel tracked him down and conquered Arathoxia. Jared, with help of Liana of Minorad defeated Ravidel.

Later Jared met Kristina of the Woods, who thought him how to use his magic, and eventually they fell in love.

With the help of Grenfell Mor and Altair of Coloni, the two managed to destroy the Golgothian Sylex, but failed to rescue Liana. What is worse, Ravidel took Liana’s Moxen and erected the Mox Beacon that would start the planeswalkers war.

It is not known if Jared survived the war. Kristina did not speak of him during the Invasion though.


Jaya Ballard
A humble taskmage, and acquaintance of Jodah, the Archmage Eternal. She helped Jodah unite Kjeldor and Balduvia against Lim-Dûl and fought in the final battle of the ice age. After that, she witnessed Freyalise cast the world spell.

Twenty years later Jaya, possessed by Mairsil/Lim-Dûl lured Jodah to Soldev and used his blood to activate the Phyrexian Warbeasts there. Jodah smashed his mirror, enchanted by Freyalise, into her face, triggering her spark.

After her ascendance, Jaya destroyed the Warbeasts and left Dominiara.

The sister of Kamahl, she was hurt while he was influenced by the Mirari. She was left in the care of Seton, but brought to the cabal Patriarch by Braids.

The Patriarch turned her into Phage. Phage fought in his name and had a child with him: the reincarnation of the numena Kuberr.

Phage left the Cabal and joined Zagorka in Topos, where she was hunted down by Akroma for killing her creator Ixidor. Kamahl cut Phage, Zagorka and Akroma down with one strike, creating Karona.

When Sash and Waistcoat killed Karona, only Jeska returned, and she took of with Karn to journey the planes.

Karn was a silver golem created by Urza since only silver could pass the time portal unharmed. After the destruction of Tolaria, Karn joined Urza, Barrin, Johira and Teferi on their quests to save Dominiara from the Phyrexian invasion.

Part of the legacy, he rescued young Gerrard from the Phyrexian raids on Benalia, and brought him to his adoptive father Sidar Kondo.

When Kondos’ Son Vuel turned against his father and brother, Karn was frozen by the Touchstone. He was later found and freed by Sisay.

During the Weatherlights time on Rath, Karn was captured by Volrath, saved by Gerrard and managed to retrieve the Legacy from the Sliver Queen.

At the end of the phyrexian invasion, when the legacy was completed, Karn united with Urza and Gerrard, becoming a planeswalker.

Karn then created Argentum, a plane of mathematical perfection. He send probed to monitor Dominiara, but one of them was flawed and became the Mirari. After Karona was defeated, Karn took the Mirari from Dominiara and turned it into the golem Memnarch, and left to wander the multiverse with Jeska.

Milennea later, Karn returned to Argentum, now turned to Mirrodin by an insane Memnarch. He turend Memnarch back into the Mirari and left it in the care of Glissa, Slobad and Geth.

A planeswalker of unknown origin. He fought Zakk once. Apeared only in the summer magic intro.

Kenan Sahrmal, the Orriginal Gaurdian of Shandalar
A native planeswalker of Shandalar. He killed Faralyn and defeated Tevesh Szat, Leshrac and Lim-Dûl during their first assault on his plane.

Planeswalker mentioned in Cursed Lands.

Kristina of the Woods
She was first seen just before the ice age, when she met, and fell in love with Taysir. Kristina stayed with Taysir until the Summit of the Null Moon, where they defeated Leshrac and resurrected Ravidel.

After the worldspell, Kristina left Taysir for Sandruu. An enraged Taysir banished Sandruu to a plane from which it would take a millennium to return.

Kristina attended at the gathering of Minorad, which turned out a disaster when Ravidel appeared and threatened them with the Golgothian Sylex.

Kristina stayed in Dominiara and met Jared Carthalion. She taught him how to use his magic, and later became his lover. Together they destroyed the Golgothian Sylex, and fought in the planeswalkers war.

During the phyrexian invasion, Kristina became one of the 9 titans as replacement for the insane ‘walker Parcher. She was killed when Tevesh Szat betrayed them.

The former vizier of Estark. He defeated the blue house and used its magic to flare his spark. He was later tracked down by Garth One-Eye, the last survivor of the blue house and a planeswalker himself. He was killed in the following fight.

The walker of night. This planeswalker was inside the shard during the ice age. His plan was to escape to the plane of Shandalar which was sometimes inside, sometimes outside of the shard. He wanted to conquer that mana rich plane, and allied with Tevesh Szat to achieve this. They recruited Lim-Dûl to create a vast undead army, but Lim-Dûl was stopped by Jodah before Leshrac could collect his forces. This was probably the reason that he was defeated by Sharmal, the planeswalker guardian of Shandalar.

After he fled Shandalar, Leshrac wandered among the planes, until he was tracked down by Taysir and imprisoned in Phyrexia.

Leshrac was freed from this horrible prison ages later by the Mox Beacon, and fought in the planeswalkerswar. He hasn’t been seen since.

Liana of Minorad
Liana was seen for the first time during the gathering of the sages of Minorad. This gathering was rudely interrupted by Ravidel, who threatened them with the Golgothian Sylex. Liana was put by Ravidel under mind control of Ravidels spellsquire, the Scarlet Vizier.

Liana couldn’t fight Ravidel, but did whatever see could. When the vizier died in the attack on Arathoxia, Liana allied herself with Jared Carthalion and detonated all of Ravidels artefacts.
Ravidel survived however, and fought Liana in the abbys. He killed her, and got his hand on the Moxen which he needed to create the Beacon that started the planeswalkerswar.

Gulls wife, apeared the Greensleeves trilogy.

Lord Windgrace
A Cat warrior planeswalker from Urborg. He was older than Urza, since he remembered Urborg being a forest, before it was submerged by the sylex blast.

He was one of the 9 titans Urza gathered to fight Phyrexia. He survived the invasion and took the hart out of Taysirs dead body to preserve it.

He is possibly a distant ancestor of crovax. Or Lord Windgrace could be a title, instead of a last name.

Apeared and was defeated in Planeswalker.

A planeswalker who encountered Urza shortly after he ascended. She tried to trap him in a time well because he was different then other ‘walkers (its in the eye’s), but it failed, and she ran.

Marit Lage
A powerfull planeswalker during the ice age, that was locked in an icy prison under the sea.

Nicol Bolas
One of the 5 dragons that ascended at the end of the Dragon Wars. Bolas later became the emperor of Madara, and was defeated by Tetsuo Umezawa.

Originally selected by Urza to be the ninth titan, but he was replaced by Kristina for being to insane.

Planeswalker mentioned in Cursed Lands.

Rafethrasa once wanted to live as a mortal farmer, but the place where he put down his farm turned out to be a place that he once ruled as god-emperor. He got quite annoyed by all those people thinking he was the reincarnation of their god.

Recruited by Faralyn as a spellsquire, he and his draconic friend Rhuell where killed during the Summit of the Null Moon. He was resurrected by Kristina and Taysir. After that, he went mad after realising his friend was dead and his master had betrayed him.

He lead Taysir further down the path of insanity, and even got him so far that he imprisoned Leshrac in Phyrexia, and exiled Sandruu.

Ravidel started a long-term plan on Corondor, to erect a Mox Beacon with Liana of Minorads moxen, thus drawing all planeswalkers that ever harmed him to Dominiara, so they would slaughter each other. In this quest he created his own nemesis by robbing Jared Carthalion of his title, his welth, his parents and his friends.

A minotaur planeswalker from Ulgrotha. Sandruu was a good friend of Feroz, who helped him ascend. Sandruu fell in love with Kristina of the Woods. This enraged Taysir, who hunted Sandruu down and banished him to a plane of which it would take a millennium to return.
7 decades after that event though, Sandruu was called to Dominiara by Ravidels Mox Beacon.

Revered as a goddess, Serra was actually a planeswalker of white mana, that had created her own plane, Serra’s Realm, long before the brothers’ war.

Serra saved Urza after his failed crusade against Phyrexia. By doing this, she doomed her own plane, for the Phyrexians came after Urza and attacked her Realm.

Serra fled from the tainted place to the plane Ulgrotha, where she met Feroz and fell in love with him. Feroz and Serra helped the Ulgrothan people defend themselves against Baron Sengir, and after Sandruu’s battle with Taysir, they created Ferozs’ Ban, to hold other planeswalkers out of Ulgrotha. After Ferozs dead, Serra left Ulgrotha and was eventually killed by a black planeswalker (who in turn we killed by a knock on the head by a cleric, so I believe it was just a black mage with a big mouth).

A small part of Serra lived on in her plane, which lay locked in the power crystal that powered the Weatherlight. When the Weatherlight was destroyed, the Realm and Serra came into being again, and where visited by Karona hundred years later.

Slobad was the goblin friend of Glissa Sunseeker. When Memnarch removed Glissa’s Spark to be transported to him, but he and Glissa died before the process was completed, Slobad got the spark and ascended.

Slobad met Karn, who offered him a place as his apprentice. Slobad refused and gave up his spark to resurrect all the dead on Mirrodin, and send them home.
Slobad, along with Glissa and Geth, are now protecting the Mirari on an otherwise deserted Mirrodin.


Taysir of Rabiah
Sayd to be the most powerfull planeswalker of his time.

On the plane of Rabiah and its 1000 twins, one man existed 5 times. When they were united, they became the planeswalker Taysir. He left Rabiah, but when he wanted to return, discovered it was locked from him by his old enemy Nailah.

Taysir fell in love with Kristina of the Woods, and spent most of his time during the ice age with her, archiving Dominiaran history. He attended at the Summit of the Null Moon, where he helped with Ravidels ascension.

After the worldspell, Kristina left Taysir for Sandruu. An enraged Taysir banished Sandruu to a plane from which it would take a millennium to return. For this, Feroz killed Taysir, and left his hart with the Anaba Spirit Crafters who purified and recreated Taysir.

The new Taysir adopted the young planeswalker Daria and attended with her at the planeswalkerswar of Corondor. Both of them where members of Urza’s 9 Titans. Taysir was killed when Urza was corrupted by Phyrexia.

A real prankster that attended Barrins lessons on the original Tolarian Academy. He was caught in a time bubble furnace for forty years after the disaster. He was saved from that by Johira.
As a planeswalker Teferi took care of his homeland Zhalfir as the royal mage, but also studied the timelines. These studies went as disastrous as Urzas, since he removed himself from the timeline for a while, which attracted several powerfull mages to Zhalfir, and incidentally cause the Mirage Wars.
During the prophecy wars, Teferi decided he no longer wanted to be part of Urza’s plans, and he phased out Shiv, Zhalfir, Suq’Ata and Femefer to save it from the Phyrexian Invasion
Teferi was called back by Karona, which got him to think that it might be a good idea to return the phased out lands to Dominiara.

Brought a servant to the plane of Cridhe and indirectly caused the Age of Darkness that set upon that plane.

Tevesh Szat
Also known as the doom of fools, this planeswalker lived in Argoth before the brothers’ war. Then called Tev Loneglade, he moved to Sarpadia with his sister that he kept magically young.
When his sister was killed in the internal struggles of the Fallen Empires, he went completely insane and delivered the killing blows to the empires. He renamed himself Tevesh Szat. Szat would continue destroying civilisation, for he now thought it only lead to decadence and corruption. It was Szat that manipulated the battle between Freyalise and Jason Carthalion in such a way that the city of Strogard was irreparably damaged.

Szat attended on the Summit of the Null Moon, where he fought Freyalise. After that he tried to intensify the Ice Age, but was defeated by Jahuel Carthalion and fled to Shandalar, where he was defeated again, this time by Sharmal.

Szat stopped his rampage for a while and retreated to a plane of perpetual darkness. Here he was visited by Urza who wanted him to be part of the 9 titans. Szat betrayed the titans, got Darigaaz too free the Primeval Dragons and killed Daria and Kristina. Urza then killed Szat and used his energy to fuel the Soul Bombs that destroyed Phyrexia.

The Creator of Phyrexia
A dragon shaped planeswalker that Yawgmoth found dead in the centre of Phyrexia.

Arch-enemy of Worzel

Planeswalker mentioned in Cursed Lands.

A group of planeswalkers that fought the Ancients on Ulgrotha. Ravi was one of them.

Xavis’s creator

The ‘walker Xavis was supposed to fight.

Urza and his brother Mishra where the brothers of the brothers war that destroyed Terisiare. Urza ended the war by activating the Golgothian Sylex, which caused his ascension, the ice age and the froming of the shard.

Urza befriended the defective Phyrexian newt Xantcha and together they fought against Phyrexia, but where defeated. They wandered the planes for ages after that, until they where rescued by Serra. The Phyrexian followed Urza however and corrupted Serra’s Realm.
After their return to Dominiara, Urza and Xantcha destroy all other sleeper agents on Dominiara, and defeat Gix, the Phyrexian that manipulated Urza and Mishra during their war. Xantcha dies in the process.

Urza encounters Barrin, and together they start the Tolarian Academy. Urza creates KArn and starts experimenting with time travel, hoping to prevent horrors of Phyrexia. This fails, and most of Tolaria is destroyed in the process. A group of Phyrexians is locked in a fast moving time bubble and Urza realizes he accidentally created a new Phyrexian thread to Dominiara.
Urza journeys over the plane in search of help, and finds the Shivan mana-rig. Urza starts building the Legacy. He is imprisoned by Multani, but the Maro-Sorcerer lets him go when he realizes Phyrexia is a much greater thread. Urza builds the Weatherlight, defeats the Phyrexian in the time bubble and the Phyrexians in Serra’s Realm. He collapses the Realm into a power stone and places it in the Weatherlight.

Urza starts his bloodline project to create a human component of the legacy. The component becomes Gerrard.

When the Phyrexian invasion begins, Urza assembles the 9 titans and the coalition forces. He kills Tevesh Szat to power the soul bombs, but then is corrupted by Yawgmoth and even kills Taysir. It takes Gerrard cutting of his head to undo this corruption. Urza’s eyes are taken out of his skull and placed in Karns chest, creating Karn Planeswalker, who defeats Yawgmoth.

A planeswalker who puts her daughter under the wing of a naturalist.

The nemesis of Thomil

Arzakons nemesis. Probably just as nasty as him though.

A planeswalker of unknown origin. He fought Kazz once. Apeared only in the summer magic intro.


Possibly a planeswalker, possibly a spellsquire with the spark that was never flared.
Ravi’s master was one of the Tolgath, a group of powerfull planeswalkers on Ulgrotha that waged war against the Ancients. Ravi ended the war by ringing the apocalypse chime. She locked herself in a basalt spire to protect her against the apocalypse, but couldn’t escape the spire from the inside.

She was freed by an old friend, Baron Sengir, now a vampire. The Baron allowed her into his family as a grandmother.

The Elder Dragons
Arcades Sabboth, Palladia-Mors, Chromium, Vaevictis Asmadi.

Possible Nailah used the Ring of Marûf to travel between the different Rabiahs. She did look less human than her father, but there has not been a definite answer to the question whether she is or isn’t a planeswalker.

Nailah is the self proclaimed Sorceress Queen of Rabiah. She wanted the united Taysir at her side, but had to settle for banning him from Rabiah.

????, the 3rd Gaurdian of Shandalar
Immortal, and invested by the powers of Kenan Sharmal, the 1th Gaurdian, this person if very powerfull, and has saved Shandalar on various accosions. However, it is unkown if he truly is a planeswalker.

Fabia of the Golden Throat, Queen Thunderhead, Dacian the Red, Immugio, Karli, Dwen, Ludoc, Hakkon, Chaney, Towser & Leechnip
Several 'planeswalkers' from the Shattered Chains trilogy. Possibly just wizards who discovered a way to travel planes.

Serra’s assassin
Claimed to be a planeswalker, but the fact that he was killed by a starving monk with a stick shortly after, I'm not so sure about the validity of that claim.

If he is a planeswalker depends on your definition of planeswalker. He gained control over Azar's body, but did not have a spark himself. I gues he counts if Slobad does, but since this is pre-rev stuff, I'm not entirely sure.



Guybrush Threepwood
This is a Monkey Island character, who was added to the Phyrexia.com list as a joke. Some of the people re-posting and re-re-posting the list didn't know that, and mistook him for an obscure Pre-Rev 'walker. He isn't. Just tought I shoul clear that up.

The Myojin of Nights Reach
She could only travel between the planes because O-Kagachi, the Kami of the Walls Between Worlds was distracted by the Kami War.

Hazezon Tamar & Lord Ith
Neither of them was called a 'walker, but considering the way they acted, there has been speculation on the subject.

The Weatherlight
Not a planeswalker, but capable of trans-plane travel, and it was once sentient.

He was a 'walker in Pre-Rev times but never in Post-Rev. Unfortunatly WotC didn't pay much attention to that difference and mentioned him as a planeswalker in an "Ask Wizards" answer. They fixed the answer when the question showed up in on of their "best of..." weeks though.

Piru is often mistaken for an Elder Dragon, and thus she ends up on peoples Planeswalker's lists. But she was in fact a Lesser Elder, and thus doesn't even belong on the Possible 'Walkers lists. On top of that, Geyadrone Dihada mentioned her power was "almost like that of a planeswalkers", which would be an odd thing to say about the power of an actual 'walker.

He was in fact as powerfull as most 'walkers, but he never actualy became one, for he lacked the spark. He was a planeswalker in Pre-Rev times, but not any more.

Gaea and Titania
Pre-Revision they where 'walkers, but Post-Rev Gaea is the pseudo-mythical nature spirit of all Dominiara, and Titania the nature spirit of Argoth.


The Nine Titans

In a last-ditch attempt to stymie the Phyrexian invasion of Dominaria, nine planeswalkers entered the plane of Phyrexia, in gigantic titan engines of Urza's design, to set off bombs to destroy the plane.

  • Bo Levar
  • Commodore Guff
  • Daria
  • Freyalise
  • Kristina of the Woods
  • Lord Windgrace of Urborg
  • Taysir
  • Tevesh Szat
  • Urza
Mistaken for planeswalkers

Though they are often confused for planeswalkers, Yawgmoth, Mishra, Memnarch, Jodah, Lim-Dûl and Marit Lage are, in fact, not.


Some planeswalkers are considered to be gods by the inhabitants of the planes. On the other hand it is uncertain if some of the known gods are really planeswalkers. Examples of these are:

  • Gabriel Angelfire
  • Gaea
  • The Ebon Hand
  • The Hand of Justice
  • Kaldra
  • Kjeld
  • Leitbur
  • Svyelun
  • Tal
  • Thelon
  • Torahn
  • Tourach

Some characters are considered gods, but certainly aren't planeswalkers

  • Yawgmoth, neither god nor planeswalker
  • Ramos
  • Marit Lage, a being with the power to planeswalk, though not in the same way as planeswalkers.
  • the primeval dragons Rith, Treva, Darigaaz, Dromar and Crosis
  • The Myojin, extremely powerful spirits from Kamigawa. The Myojin of Night's Reach demonstrated the power to transport across planes, but is not a planeswalker.

From MTG Salvation and Wikipedia.