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Card Combinations

Glimpse the Unthinkable + Jace's Phantasm:  Turn 1: island, Jace's Phantasm, Turn 2: swamp, glimpse the unthinkable and swing with a 5/5 flyer next turn.

Sage's Row Denizen + Snap + Cloud of Faeries: Faerie denizen mill.

Enduring Renewal + Scroll Rack: play renewal, "scroll" trough your deck, any creatures are yours to keep because they aren't considered to be drawn....

Intruder Alarm + Squirrel Nest + Treetop Village: attach nest to treetop, turn tree top in creature and get infinite squirrels with Intruder Alarm.

Eradicate + Animate Land: Animate opponent's land & eradicate all land of that type from player's hand, deck, etc. For multicolor decks, wash hands, repeat.

Shimmer + Sands of Time: your oponent's lands (of the chosen type) phase out, and never phase back in!

Traumatize + Bazaar of Wonderstraumatize opponent, then cast bazaar of wonders so that they cannot use any duplicate spells of those in their graveyard

Howling Mine + Auriok Transfixer: Only you can draw an extra card each turn.

Flagstones of Trokair + Crop Rotation: Great mana acceleration combo, and it's effectively free if played out properly.

Fallen Ideal + Void Maw: Put Fallen I deal on Void Maw and a creature to give Void Maw +4/+3 until end of turn. 

Sanguine Bond + Blood Tribute: Play Blood Tribute with Sanguine Bond on the field, tap a vampire to kick and you win the game.

Twincast + Path to Exile + Archive Trap + Ravenous Trap: Make opponant mill half their deck.  To really be mean have Bloodchief Ascention in play.

Twincast + Maralen of the Mornsong + Archive Trap:  Make opponent dump 26 cards in 1 turn.

Unstable Mutation + Quillspike: This creature could be a 7/7 every turn.

Archon of Justice + Mimic Vat: Lots of creatures and Vindicate on a stick.

Circle of Flame + Death Pits of Rath:   Whenever a creature without flying attacks you, it simply explodes. There’s nothing else to it.

Sigil of the Empty Throne + Shimmering Wings: Put an angel token in for 2 mana

Prismatic Omen + Domain mechanic: to capitalize on Domain mechanic.

 Cylian Sunsinger + Mirrorweave: pile up the +3/+3's.

 Magister Sphinx + Wound Reflection: drop to 10 life then lose life equal to lost.

 Corrupted Roots + Icy Manipulator: Tap opponent's forest or plains do damage.

 Merfolk Thaumaturgist + Serendib Sorcerer + Thornbite Staff: Turn opponents creatures to 0/2 then 2/0 to kill them.  Rinse, then repeat.

 Conspiracy + Reaper King:  Choose scarecrows (add Liliana Vess for more fun)

 Master of Etherium + Mycosynth Lattice + March Of The Machines: all of their lands are destroyed and each land they play dies.

 Fatal Attraction + Stuffy doll:  5 damage to your opponent every turn.

 Radiate + Stone Rain:  destroy all of your opponent's land.

 Daru Spiritualist + Shuko + Worthy Cause:  Bounce Shuko between Daru and another small creature to infinite life and if you want to win, Test of Endurance.

 Festival + Siren's Call:  remove opponent's attack phase & destroy their creatures

 Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker + Sky Hussar: Make infinite Hussars

 Intruder Alarm + Imperious Perfect + Llanowar Elves:  Infinite elves.

 Humility + Reverence: no creatures can attack you.

 Verdant Touch + Eradicate:  get rid of land and his friends

 Oath of Druids + Scouting Trek + Planar Birth: if done right all your lands out in turn 2 or 3

 Armageddon + Tormod's Crypt + Planar Birth: destroy all lands, bring yours back

 Manaplasm + Tower Above:  an 11/11 by turn 3 if you use birds.

 Dueling Grounds + Maze of Ith:  Your opponent's creatures can't attack.

 Beacon of Immortality + False Cure: opponent loses all life.

 Pemmin's Aura + Goblin Medics + Paradise Mantle: Infinite damage turn 4.

 Goblin Charbelcher + Goblin Recruiter: put a land and 10 goblins on top of library to deal double the damage.

 Stuffy Doll + Druid's Call + Blasting station:  Infinite damage with squirrels.

 Spirit Mirror + Unnatural Selection: Pay one to destroy any creature

 Orcish Artillery + Spirit Link:  do damage to opponent and not lose life.

 Wort, The Raidmother + Brightstone Ritual:  for mana acceleration

 Tainted Aether + Last Laugh + Dingus Staff:  black control that clears the board of most, if not all, creatures

 Incandescent Soulstoke + Elemental Mastery + Supreme Exemplar:  Done right you can get 10 +2/+2 tokens

 Curse of Chains + Knacksaw Clique:  Chains taps each upkeep so you can untap Knacksaw to mill each upkeep

 Flametongue Kavu + Cauldron Dance:  1 Kavu in hand, 1 in graveyard, then Dance them to eliminate creatures

 Mirrorweave + Hulking Cyclops:  Cyclops can't block.  So, your opponent can't block after you use Mirrorweave

 Incandescent Soulstoke + Elemental Mastery + Doomgape:  Done right you can get 10 +2/+2 tokens

 Dark Depths + Æther Snap:  for a cost of 5 mana you can remove all counters from Dark Depths

 Spawning Pit + Reins of Power:  Take control of all of your opponent's creatures to sacrifice to  Spawning Pit

 Hostility + Flame Rift:  You make take 4 damage yourself, but in a group game you make a lot of tokens

 Relentless Rats + Thrumming Stone:  You potentially get into play half your rats.

 Mirari + Glimpse the Unthinkable:  You can mill your opponent in no time.

 Merfolk Assassin + War Barge:  turn your Merfolk into a Royal Assassin

 Forced Fruition + Mind's Eye + Underworld Dreams:  Force opponents to draw for damage and you don't

 Desperate Ritual + Lava Spike + Izzet Guildmage:  Infinite combo

 Blood Moon + Goblin King:  There's nothing like mountain walk for goblins.

 Quillspike + Devoted Druid + Rite of Consumption:  After comboing out with spike and druid, sac spike for win.

 Stonybrook Schoolmaster + Intruder Alarm + Paradise Mantle:  Schoolmaster will tap for infinite mana and creatures.

 Temporal Aperture + Possessed Portal:  Only you can play cards.

 Godhead of Awe + Blowfly Infestation + Scar:  With Godhead and Blowfly in play you can clear the field with Scar.

 Wolf-Skull Shaman + Runed Stalactite:  Wolf token for free, before your draw step! (works with any Kinship)

 Brion Stoutarm + Thornbite Staff:  Throw all of your creatures at opponent for the win.

 Freed from the Real + Bloom Tender:  Enchant Freed on the tender to get infinite green mana.

 Rite of Passage + Pestilence + Urza's Armor:  Pestilence without Any Regrets.

 Megrim + Urza's Guilt:  Opponents lose 10 life with this combo.

 Silent Arbiter + Oracle en-Vec:  Only one of your opponents creatures can attack you and the rest die.

 Venomous Fangs + Lure:  Kill all opponents creatures.

 Sneak Attack + Grave Pact:  When your creature goes to grave yard your opponents sacrifice a creature.

 Reya Dawnbringer + Blistering Firecat:  a fun way to keep an opponent busy every turn.

 Sliver Overlord + Unnatural Selection:  Choose "Sliver" and take any creature from opponent.

 Echoing Truth + Hint of Insanity:  Bounce all same thing back to hand and then make them discard them.

 Soul Foundry + Spike Weaver:  Prevent all combat damage.

 Prismatic Omen + Last Stand:  With at least 5 of any lands you can unleash Last Stand.

 Grimoire Thief + Freed from the Real:  Depending on how much mana you have,  quickly mill your opponent.

 Second Chance + Umbilicus + Monk Idealist:  This set up can earn you infinite turns.

 Zo-Zu the Punisher + Parallax Tide:  Huge damage combo.

 Tinder Wall + Channel + Kaervek's Torch + Lightning Bolt:  Turn two kill.

 Phyrexian Tyranny + Wheel and Deal:  Force opponent to draw to take damage.

 Coat of Arms + Devoted Druid + Flourishing Defenses: Infinite mana, infinite creatures, power & toughness

 Megrim + Underworld Dreams + Dragon Mage:  Take lots of damage.

 Mogg Maniac + Furnace of Rath + Lightning Bolt:  With Maniac & Furnace in play Lightning Bolt for 12 damage.

 Tangleroot + Equilibrium:  Tangleroot pays for your Equilibrium to bounce opponent's creatures.

 Index + Erratic Explosion:  Look for card with highest mana cost for damage.

 Thorn Elemental + Giant Growth + Nantuko Mentor:  Make him a 20/20 giving direct damage.

 Godo, Bandit Warlord + Spellbinder + Savage Beating:  infinite combat phases.

 Grollub + Furnace of Rath + False Cure + Blaze: For every 1 mana spent on Blaze opponent loses 6 life.

 Words of Wind + Yosei, the Morning Star + Animate Dead:  Lock your opp. down from untaping anything.

 Cloudstone Curio + Priest of Gix x2 + Tendrils of Agony:  Infinite storm (can use either Tendrils or Brain Freeze)

 Sachi, Daughter of Seshiro + Orochi Leafcaller + Freed from the Real + Hair-Strung Koto:  Mill all opponents.

 Coretapper + Chimeric Egg:  Sac Tapper to Egg to get a 6/6 trample by turn 3.

 Sneak Attack + Dragon Mask + Krosan Cloudscraper:  Put in a 15/15 for one  mana that bounces.

 Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker + Kami of False Hope:  Prevent combat damage every turn.

 Furious Assault + Aluren + Fleetfoot Panther:  Infinite 1 point damages.

 Arcane Laboratory + Isochron Scepter + Counterspell:  Control your opponent.

 Aluren + Shrieking Drake + Brain Freeze:  Infinite storm mill.

 Breeding Pit + Buried Alive + Hell's Caretaker:  Sac a 0/1 to bring out your large creatures.

 Kjeldoran Royal Guard + Sandskin:  Prevent combat damage in a soldier deck.

 Triskelion + Scythe of the Wretched + Atog:  Play trike, attatch scythe, have atog in play, 2 dmg to opp and 1 dmg to trike, sack to atog, rinse repeat.

 Spark Elemental + Reckless Abandon:  Seven damage by turn two for a cost of two.

 Blinding Angel + Crafty Pathmage:  Your opponent will never have a combat phase!!!

 Bloom Tender + Freed from the Real + Painter's Servant: Infinite any color mana.

 Goblin Charbelcher + Endless Horizons: remove all lands, then activate Charbelcher

 Nightsky Mimic + Edge of Divinity + Edge of Divinity: swing for 10 on turn three.

 Devoted Druid + Presence of Gond + Coat of Arms:  Infinite Creatures

 Geth's Grimoire + Mindslicer:  make opponents discard hands and you draw cards

 Kinsbaile Balloonist + Jagged Scar Archers: Launch opponents  creatures to shoot them down

 Clockspinning + Jace, the Mind Sculptor: add/remove counters from any Planeswalker

 Nameless Inversion + Haakon, Stromgald Scourge: Play nameless from graveyard as it is also a knight.

 Purity & Tarnished Citadel or Ashes To Ashes: turn damage done by playing certain spells to life.

 Sorceress Queen + Dwarven Thaumaturgist: make thier creature into a 0/2 then into a 2/0 to kill it.

 Æther Flash + Afterlife: destroy target creature for white and they get no token.

 Anarchy + Sleight Of Mind:  destroy all permanents of the color of your choice.

 Nath of the Gilt Leaf + Cephalid Broker: make your opponent draw cards to dicard them so you can have more elves.

 Blanket Of Night + Corrupt: turn all your land into swamps and deal that much damage

 Choking Vines + Heat Stroke: destroy all creatures that were blocked

 Rule of Law + Forced Fruition:  force opponents to draw cards they can't play.

 Dark Ritual + Funeral Charm + Shallow Grave + Nicol Bolas: First Turn Nicol Bolas or creature of your choice.

 Dark Ritual + Funeral Charm + Animate Dead + Any Large Creature

 Dark Ritual + Funeral Charm + Shallow Grave + Any Large Creature

 Reins of Power + Goblin Bombardment:  switch creatures with opponent until end of turn and sac thiers to do them damage.

 Hearthcage Giant + Firecat Blitz: Firecats are elementals and can be sacked to giant

 Spirit Mirror + Grave Pact: clear the board of creatures.

 Sliver Queen + Heartstone + Ashnod's Altar:  Infinite slivers

 Blanket Of Night + Karma + Circle of Protection: White: damage to all each turn but you

 Angelic Chorus + Wall Of Junk: just keep gaining life from same creature wall

 Shriekmaw + Momentary Blink: evoke the Shriekmaw, then blink it out so that it comes back into play for good and you get to destroy two creatures.

 Abyssal Gatekeeper + Mistmoon Griffin: Keep bringing back the gatekeeper